10 Best Programming Language To Learn All Time

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Contents1 Types of Programming Languages2 What is Programming Language?3 The main types of programming languages are:4 10 Best Programming Languages4.1 Python4.2 Java4.3 JavaScript4.4 C++4.5 Go4.6 R4.7 PHP4.8 Ruby4.9 SQL4.10 C#5 Conclusion Nowadays people are achieving new skills. The most important skill is learning a computer and its program. Computers have interred in every aspect of […]

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How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Python

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Contents1 Overview of How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Python2 Understanding the Role2.1 What Is Python Full Stack Developer2.2 Front-End Development2.3 Back-End Development2.4 Responsibilities and Significance3 Essential Skills Required For Becoming A Python Full Stack Developer3.1 Python3.2 HTML, CSS, and JavaScript3.3 Web Development (Front-End and Back-End)3.4 Database Management3.5 Version Control3.6 Others3.7 Soft Skills4 […]

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Five Ways to Improve Site’s Ranking, Best Way to Top your Site in Search Engine Ranking

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Contents1 1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content1.1 Keywords1.2 Multiple Keyword Phrases1.3 Placing Keywords1.4 Content2 2. Update Your Content Regularly2.1 Blogging3 3. Metadata3.1 Title Metadata3.2 Description Metadata3.3 Keyword Metadata4 4. Have a link-worthy site5 5. Use alt tags Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the […]

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How Is Blockchain Different From Traditional Database Models

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Contents1 Basics of Blockchain Technology2 Blockchain Fundamentals3 How Blockchain Works4 Traditional Database Models4.1 Centralized Databases4.2 Single Point of Failure4.3 Limited Scalability4.4 Data Manipulation Risks5 Key Differences Between Blockchain and Traditional Database Models5.1 Architecture5.2 Blockchain vs. Traditional Databases5.3 Nodes and Peer-to-Peer Networks5.4 Security5.4.1 Cryptographic Techniques in Blockchain5.4.2 Vulnerabilities in Traditional Databases5.4.3 Resilience Against Cyber Attacks6 Use […]

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End To End Software Testing Process: Road To Excellence

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Contents1 Requirement Analysis2 Test Planning3 Test Design4 Test Environment Setup5 Test Execution6 Defect Reporting And Tracking7 Regression Testing8 Test Reporting9 Test Closure10 Best Practices In End-to-End Software Testing10.1 Test Automation10.2 Test Data Management10.3 Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing (CI/CT)10.4 Performance Testing10.5 Security Testing11 End To End Software Testing Example12 Mobile App Testing12.1 Requirements Analysis:12.2 Test […]

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How to Setup Your System with Multiple Git Accounts

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Contents1 Generate New SSH keys2 Attach SSH keys to Git Accounts3 Create Git Config File4 Let’s Start Your Work5 For a New Repository5.1 Repository from first Github account:5.2 Repository from second Github account:5.3 Repository from AWS CodeCommit account:5.4 For an existing codebase6 Conclusion Being a software developer or system administrator, you may have need to […]

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